Precision Moments Targeting

Own moments, one by one

Favoriting a Song
Finishing a To-do
Saving a Recipe
Moments per Month

Why Moments Matter to Brands

See Insights

Understand what moments your consumers are engaged in throughout their days

Engage during the best moments

Kiip focuses on emotionally charged moments, connecting only when meaningful

Time Your Delivery

Kiip's moment tracking enables anyone to own moments during any time of day

Choose From Many Moment Categories

Categories exist for entertainment, gaming, productivity, fitness and more

Introducing Precision Moments Targeting


Know who you're targeting based on age, gender, etc. Important stuff like that.

Moment Vertical

Engage in a person's moments with our app channels in gaming, fitness, health, productivity, food, cooking and music.

Neural Net

Our moments targeting technology matches your rewards with the best moments using extensive first-party data.


Target consumers by current location, historical location habits and maybe even local weather.

Mindset/Sentiment Tracking

Engage with consumers during peak happiness moments when they're most welcoming of rewards.

Historical Redemption

Target consumers based on historical redemption patterns (e.g., most likely to redeem rewards around lunch).

Brands Understand Moments

These people understand a moment's influence