Invest In Happiness With Kiip.

Integrating with Kiip is a breeze. Not only will it allow you to reward users with real and virtual prizes, you’ll also build engagement and make money while doing so.
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Make Moments Matter Apps for All

We love seeing new ways to reward. Writing movie reviews, sharing pictures of tiramisu, or crafting the perfect playlist–all could be rewardable moments. We have rewards for every situation, so if you think of the right moment, we’ll be ready.
Here’s some ideas:

  • All time high-scores Sharing stories
  • Consecutive workout days Finishing chapter 17
  • Not snoozing your alarm Traveling back in time

Some Of Our Past Winners

Unsure if your app can reward users with Kiip? Email us and we’ll brainstorm with you.

You'll Get All This

Our Great Advisors

Mario Wynands Managing Director at Pik Pok Games
Derek van Vliet Co-founder of Get Set Games
Jon Jordan Co-Editor of PocketGamer
Markus Kassulke CEO of HandyGames
Matt Hunter Sr. Software Product Designer, Jawbone
Adam D'Augelli Associate at True Ventures
Phil Black Founder of True Ventures
Lars Leckie Managing Director
at Hummer Winblad
Kevin Talbot Co-Founder of Relay Ventures
Scott Kveton Co-Founder of Urban Airship
Andrew Rosenthal Business Development, Jawbone
Lee Linden Co-Founder of Tapjoy
Matt Van Horn VP of Business Development
at Path
Robert Kwok Co-Founder of Crittercism
Phill Ryu CEO of Impending,
Co-Creator of Clear
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Smart People Ask Questions.

Especially When Concerning Money.
Do you take an equity stake in our business?
Nope, your creative project is yours and yours alone.
My app is already live… should I apply?
If you believe your existing app could use more work or marketing, you are still eligible for selection. All you need to do is to apply and integrate Kiip. It's easy, trust us.
How big can our team be in order to be eligible?
We will be funding teams smaller than 10 full time people.
My app doesn’t fit into “Games” or “Health & Fitness,” should I still apply?
Absolutely. We’re always looking for creative ways to reward others. Developers have rewarded users with Kiip in all sorts of apps from recipe-sharing and productivity to social networks and photography.
What should I tell you about my game or app?
We encourage you to be creative in your presentation, and explain why your idea deserves the extra boost. It can be in any format - as long as we can see it!
When is the deadline for submission?
We are announcing our final choices on May 30th, but are selecting winners on a rolling basis. So, the sooner the better!
How many developers are being funded?
We’re choosing 10 developers at $10,000 each.
What can I use the money for?
We encourage you to use the money for the development and marketing of your game or app.
What happens during the selection process?
We review your game or app with the materials you provide us, and reach out to you when we’ve made a decision.
Can multiple apps be funded?
No. One app per developer will be funded, but feel free to submit as many apps as you want. We'll review all them, promise.
Do I have to integrate Kiip to be accepted?
Yes. Small developers can (and do!) top the charts, and we want to be there with you.
Are existing Kiip developers eligible?
Yes, but only if the title you’re applying with did not have Kiip integrated prior to March 20th, 2013.
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